Who Are The Friends?

The Friends of Apex Park Improvements Group (FOAP) are a voluntary, fully constituted group, established in 2001. Their aim is to provide opportunities for community members to improve and promote the use of the park, to help protect and enhance Apex Leisure and Wildlife Park as a place of freedom, recreation, wildlife habitat and enjoyment for all sections of the community.


The group meets on a regular basis at Apex Office, Marine Drive and work closely with Sedgemoor District Council to achieve the following:


To work in partnership with Sedgemoor District Council and other interested parties to help manage and generally look after the Apex park to enhance its value to the community.


To make changes which will be of benefit to those visiting the park and the flora and fauna living in it.


To raise awareness and profile of the park.


To influence and adopt the District Council's Management Plan for the park and help achieve its aims and objectives.

The group meetings are held in the Apex Park office starting at 2pm on a Wednesday afternoon approximately every 8 weeks.


Contacts for the FOAP group;


Secretary - Lizzie Bull

Email: lizzie.bull@sedgemoor.gov.uk 

Phone: 01278 435436


Web Editor - Russ Chilcott

Email: russellchilcott@aol.com

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