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Wildlife In The Park

Apex Park is surrounded by internationally important habitats such as the Somerset Levels and the Bridgwater Bay National Nature Reserves. Although the habitats found in Apex Park are recently created they are in an ideal position to attract a wide range of wildlife from the surrounding area.

The Lakes

The lakes are probably the most obvious habitats and they attract lots of waterfowl and other birdlife. Amongst the common Herring Gulls and Mallard ducks can be seen Cormorants, Swans, Kingfisher, Reed Warblers and Great Crested Grebes. There are also large numbers of fish in the lake including carp and bream.


Wildflower Area

The Wildflower Area is also a haven for wild birds and attracts large numbers of finches and Stonechats during the winter. During the Summer it is awash with Butterflies such as Meadow Browns, Skippers and Peacocks. The large numbers of flowers also attract other insects such as the rare Swiss Cheese Fly – (called Merzomyia westermanni by scientists) and lots of different sorts of Bees, Wasps and Beetles. The Friends of Apex Park Group have been involved in spreading seed in this area to increase the number of wildflowers.

The Woodland

Woodland is the final major habitat present at the park – there is a small copse to the west of the lake with further smaller clumps of trees around the park. All the woodland at the park is of recent origin, mostly having been planted in the 1970’s. Despite this however it provides a home for lots of woodland birds such as Blue Tits, Robins, Blackbirds etc. The Friends Group have been busy over the last few years planting trees to increase and diversify the woodland at the park.

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